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Junior High Bees
(Help for adults running a spelling bee)

*There are multiple ways to run a school spelling bee. How you run your school bee is totally determined by the adults running the bee. The following are a list of suggestions.


Advertise the bee by printing up posters/flyers from this web site and adding your own dates for your bee.

Conduct a bee after school on a scheduled day for grades 7-8. (These are the grades allowed to advance on to the district bee.)

Before the day of the bee, have students who are interested in participating sign up so that you know how many students to plan for.

(*I HIGHLY recommend having students sign up in advance and not just having kids
show up unplanned for the bee. I have done this in the past and it’s chaotic!)

Arrange to have a pronouncer and two judges. (Ask for parent or staff volunteers.)

Have a piece of paper with a number for each participant that can be safety pinned onto each student’s shirt. (This is optional but helps the pronouncer and judges.)

Have students lined up with a microphone on a stand in front. Have each student one at a time come up to the microphone and be given a word.

(See rules and procedures to finish the bee.)

Award the winner (and any other places you want to recognize) with some sort of recognition. (Certificate, ribbon, medal or trophy. You can get a decent trophy for less than 20 dollars and medals are only about 5 dollars each.)

More Involved

Conduct in-class bees in grades 7-8 before you conduct a school spelling bee. This can be conducted by a member of the PTA; or the teachers can conduct their own bee.

In all classes the top two students per class to move onto the school bee. The advantage of doing it this way is you get more students who participate and you know exactly how many students will be at the school bee. Another advantage is you can give awards out to winners in each of the classes, expanding how many students get recognized for achieving something in spelling.

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